Antonelli Stefano - plexiglas

In the heart of Rome, a few steps from the Colosseo, since 1962 the laboratory of PLEXIGLAS AND ACRYLIC PLASTIC MANUFACTURING of the ANTONELLI firm satisfies a large and well estimated clientele, including Museums and Universities, giving the maximum availability in the elaboration and creation of all that can be useful in the field of posters, advertising, window furnishing. Within the available products there are rubber and metal stamps, simple or with automatic inking, Plexiglas and metal plates, decorative plates, made to measure brass push-button panels for entry phones, indicating posters also lighted, panel posters and decalcomanias of written computerized stickers, totems, bases and exhibition displays, showcases and much more.


via Madonna dei Monti 72, 73
Rome (RM)
Tel: +39 064741439
Fax: +39 064741439