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Hello, I am a guide of Rome.
My experience in the tourism field is very long, but my real passion is by sure Rome, my home town. After many years working as a tour guide in English, Japanese, French, Spanish and German for big Tour Operators I decided to run my own business, contributing to the birth of both Activitaly web portal, the richest interactive archives of Rome, and Argiletum Tour, a Rome-based Tour Operator specialized in cultural tourism. Both aim to be an access key to a wonderful town which is often impenetrable. Through the web portal and the Tour Operator I try to convey my love for the Eternal city. Browsing our pages or checking our services you will find an answer to the different questions which many tourists asked me through the years.The infocity section provides useful information about the town. You will find new itineraries, many others are in progress, and you will be able to purchase them on the Argiletum Tour online catalogue. Your requests will be precious suggestions to us. Do not hesitate then to contact me (my pages inside Activitaly web-portal are dedicated to everybody so that Activitaly might be for you a landmark, a loyal and reliable friend to all travelers and lovers of Rome and Italy.

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